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The founders of Rainbow Shine started small and humble in Wilton, Connecticut. With building and crafting as their passion and expertise, they have made Fairfield County a better place to live in with their renowned building projects since 2003.

Rainbow Shine now employs professional contractors and builders to fully make up a dream team of experts that can carry out even the most tedious and challenging building tasks.

With over a decade of experience under their repertoire, they have since branched out in the services they offer. Some of their services praised by many of their clients are their affordable wood staining services, effective cedar roof restoration, reliable master carpentry, custom moulding experience, bathroom installations, home remodelling and power washing, to name a few.

What sets Rainbow Shine apart is the quality of their work. They never leave a client unsatisfied, which is why they are the most sought-after contractors in their area for over a decade now. They put an extra effort in sitting down with their client and listening to their specifications so they can achieve the best possible result that will please their customers.

Rainbow Shine uses the most advanced and most powerful equipments, which is what makes them a leader in the industry of power sanding, master carpentry and power washing. They invest in high quality tools and equipments so their projects are carried out and finished in a shorter amount of time.

This company understands the value of money so they work with the clients every step of the way and show their clients the best options to make the most out of their hard-earned cash. And because of these values, they have earned the respect of the people they have worked for and worked with.

Presently, they are still adhering to these good work ethics and business value. This is what makes Rainbow Shine an excellent choice for your home building needs.

Rainbow Shine Services

1. Staining

Wood Staining is one of the best treatments you can offer your home. It is a comparatively inexpensive way to instantly freshen up and update the look of your space. This process brings to life some old wooden staples in your home such as your wooden flooring and your wooden furniture – things that might been long neglected.

When it comes to wood staining, choosing the right color is of utmost importance. We here at Rainbow Shine will make sure you pick the best color that will suit your home’s décor and will satisfy your own personal preferences.

We prepare your wood for staining to make sure the color adheres properly. Our treatments are durable and long-lasting so there would be no issues of fading or wearing out in the near future. Top-notch wood staining products will be used to achieve the look you have always wanted in your home.

When it comes to wood staining, Rainbow Shine does not fail to deliver.

2. Wall Paper

Rainbow Shine offers stellar wall paper services. You get to choose from hundreds of wall paper designs that will work for your intended space. We help you cut to the chase and pick the right wall paper that will last you a lifetime and make sure it is properly installed on your wall. We will guide you in picking the right wall paper that is suitable for your home.

Our methods are reliable, clean and efficient. We’ll be in and out of your place before you know it. You’ll have beautiful walls in zero time at all.

That certainly beats the stress of having to put up the wall paper yourself. So many DIY enthusiasts give up on this project halfway. Putting up wall papers can be really tricky so do yourself a favor and leave it in the hands of Rainbow Shine professionals. With us, you’ll enjoy a nice-looking interior without spending an arm and a leg.

3. Power Sanding

Restoring old furniture? Bringing that old wooden flooring back to life? Need to sand a huge space before re-painting? The old and traditional use of a sandpaper can take up so much of your time – time you can use for other things such as maintaining your home or playing with your kids.

Rather than spend money buying power sanding tools you will only use once and exhaust hours sanding your furniture and wooden flooring, use our Rainbow Shine Power Sanding services. We are equipped with modern sanding tools that can get the job done fast. Our convenient and reliable methods will make sure every nook and cranny of your space is properly sanded. We will take care of your wooden flooring and furniture and make sure they are properly treated, sanded and ready for the next restoration step.

Minimize errors and leave power sanding to us. Our vast experience in this industry will make sure you get the results you have been looking all for a very reasonable cost.

4. Paint Removal

Stripping your home of its existing paint is not a walk in the park. It is a job that can take hours and hours of hard work and labor. That is not to mention the amount of chemicals you and your whole family can be exposed to.

Paint Removal actually requires the expertise of professionals. Paint-stripping chemicals are involved in the process and you don’t want to do it yourself and end up picking something that is harmful to your health.

Rainbow Shine offers tried and tested paint removal services. Our methods are very safe. We use only products that can effectively strip your walls off of paint without causing harmful fumes to be left behind. We make sure every color is removed without leaving traces of harmful residues behind.

With our experts, you will have bare walls devoid of paint on your hands in no time at all. We guarantee that you won’t regret hiring Rainbow Shine to do all the paint-stripping work for you.

5. Deck Preservation

Beautiful decks should be preserved. It adds value to your home, gives it more charm and offers you space for entertainment.

But a shabby deck can be off-putting. If your deck is in dire need of restoration, call Rainbow Shine and we will solve this problem for you. We offer excellent deck preservation services that will help restore the original materials of your old deck. This preservation and restoration process is much cheaper than completely replacing your deck.

We will bring back the robustness of the wood’s color, remove faded areas and treat the deck so it can become more resistant to the elements.

We here at Rainbow Shine will make sure that your deck will last for many more decades to come. With our preservation services, you wouldn’t need to go the extra mile anymore in maintaining your deck space! Get the most bang out of your buck by hiring Rainbow Shine to do deck restoration for you.

6. Power Washing

First impressions tend to last. So when visitors see your house for the first time and notice all that grime and dirt clinging on the walls of your home, you’re bound to leave a poor impression.

Power Washing is a service you can try to unearth the beauty of your house and get rid of everything that has accumulated on your wall or deck over the past few years. But since renting power washing tools can be pricey and would require the expertise of a trained professional, you should hire experts like Rainbow Shine.

We have the tools and the equipment needed to wash your home, get rid of accumulated dirt, mold and weeds. But what sets our services apart is our ability to do power washing without ruining the surface of your walls or the paint quality of your deck.

It is all in the pressure of the power washer and we here at Rainbow Shine will make sure your home gets the washing it needs at the right pressure and without causing permanent damages.

7. Custom Moulding

Our custom moulding services go beyond the installation of moulding. We thoroughly discuss your moulding options and the best materials you can pick for your home. We understand the value of money so we do our best to suggest products and materials that will not only fit your budget but will also offer stellar benefits.

We coordinate closely with our customers to make sure that they are satisfied with their custom moulding experience. We listen to your needs and find ways to meet them. We make sure you are properly educated on all your custom moulding options so you can make the best buying decisions.

Our experience in this industry has enabled us to determine the best custom moulding methods, materials and equipment. You can be assured that our services are up-to-date and advanced so we can get the job done without spending so much time in your home. We use only the most advanced technologies to give our customers more satisfaction.

8. Built-Ins

One of the best ways you can make your house your home is by adding built-ins. Built-ins give you so much storage space. Best of all, they are custom so you can choose the design that you want.

When adding built-ins in your home, make sure you team up with experts that really understand your vision and know what you’re looking for. Turn to Rainbow Shine. We listen to our clients’ requirements and understand what they’re looking for. After that, we work with them every step of the way to execute the completion of the built-in.

We guide our customers in picking the right materials that will work best for their home. From consultation to the execution, Rainbow Shine experts are with them, guiding them in the right direction.

Our built-ins are crafted to perfection. We make sure everything is built to last and that they look exactly like what our clients envisioned them to be.

9. Bathrooms

Rainbow Shine is an expert in bathroom services. We have years and years of experience in creating stellar bathrooms equipped with all the modern functions our customers need to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

From the installation of bathroom fixtures to the tiling and plumbing, we make sure everything is done to perfection so you wouldn’t have to deal with problems in the near future.

We discuss your options with you so you can choose the best bathroom fixtures that will suit your budget and your design aesthetic. We help you pick materials that can stand the test of time but will not compromise your style

Our team of experts will systematically update your bathroom and create the space you have always wanted all without disrupting your home’s peace and harmony. Our goal is to give you showroom bathroom that is within your budget in the time frame you have allotted for us.

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Customer Testimonials
“We have owned and renovated several houses over the years and have worked with Rainbow Shine exclusively. The attention to detail and quality of work is second to none, regardless of the task at hand.”
Louise, Darien
“We have worked with Rainbow Shine for years on all updates around the house. Whether simply painting a room or a full renovation, Rainbow Shine is the go to solution for superior results.”
Jennifer & Thomas, Greenwich
“Rainbow Shine handled all of our requests (which changed as the project grew) with precision and timeliness while adhering to budget and best practices. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely work with Rainbow Shine, again. ”
Susan & Walter, Wilton