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Rainbow Shine is a company that offers building and preserving services that will turn your home from dated to updated. We do a variety of services such as staining, wall paper, power sanding, paint removal, power washing, and custom moulding, to name a few.

With so many people putting such a huge importance in entertaining and having their own private sanctuary at home, it is important for home owners to go the extra mile in ensuring that every nook and cranny of their house is fully updated and restored.

But since brand new means a load of cash, we offer solutions that can preserve existing fixtures at home and still make them look new and elegant all without going over the budget. We do more than preserve wooden decks, we improve the quality of the lives of our customers.

We have over a decade of experience under our belt and our experience in this industry will make sure that you are getting the best deals. We will not only help you achieve the results you want but carry out those projects without disturbing your home’s harmony and causing you to spend more money than necessary.

We are here to guide you in making the wisest decisions for your home to increase its value and up your satisfaction. Our paint removal, power sanding, and power washing will give you more confidence in having guests over. You would be able to maximize the current space you have if you use our built-ins, bathroom, basement, remodelling and renovation services.

We not only take pride in our craftsmanship, we also boast of our modern methods and equipments. We use only the most tried and tested equipments to get the job done in no time. We understand the need for speedy restoration services so we wouldn't want to inconvenience our clients with old and dated methods. You will have the results you want in the give time frame – this is what we promise.

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